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The Institute for Fusion Studies (IFS) is a national center for research in plasma physics and fusion energy science. Its primary mission is to contribute to the understanding of phenomena important to fusion and other plasma physics-related areas, by performing fundamental research of originality and rigor. Emphasis is placed on tackling scientific issues of long-range significance and exchanging knowledge with other academic fields.

The research being pursued in the theory group is diverse, including plasma turbulence, transport theory, kinetic theory, numerical simulations, plasma-boundary interaction, stability theory, and nonlinear plasma dynamics. Much of this work is interdisciplinary, involving such neighboring fields of research as fluid dynamics, geophysics, high energy density physics, nonlinear dynamics, statistical mechanics, accelerator physics, complexity theory, astrophysics, and space physics.

In addition to its research role, the IFS also serves as a center for information exchange about fusion plasma science, nationally and internationally, by arranging visits of scientists and students, joint collaborations, and conferences. It is the principal site for U. S.-Japan fusion theory collaboration activities. The IFS also has a strong educational role in teaching courses, writing textbooks, and training students and young scientists.

Presently, the IFS regular staff consists of 21 Ph.D. scientists, 3 postdoctoral research fellows, computational scientists, numerous graduate students, and administrative personnel. The IFS actively supports numerous research collaborations with laboratories and universities in the Unites States and other countries.


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