AAC 2012 Proceedings

On-line Proceedings

The Proceedings for AAC 2012 has been published on-line through the American Institute of Physics (AIP), and is available here. The on-line Proceedings has AIP Conf. Proc. Volume number 1507, ISBN 978-0-7354-1125-8, is registered with the Library of Congress, includes color graphics, and is available in perpetuity to all interested users at no charge, without the need for username/password. There is no print book Proceedings because of insufficient demand.


Rafal Zgadzaj (editor-in-chief), Erhard Gaul and Mike Downer (co-editors), all of University of Texas-Austin, edited the Proceedings of AAC 2012.

The manuscript submission and formatting guidelines below are retained as a reference for future AAC workshops.

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts are due July 28, 2012, 5pm CDT. [Update: extended to Monday, August 6, 2012, 5 pm CDT in response to a high volume of requests.] A signed transfer of copyright agreement obtained at


MUST accompany each manuscript.

Email manuscripts in PDF format, without size alteration from their native format (see below), to aac2012papers@physics.utexas.edu. If you prepare your manuscript in MS Word, which we strongly recommend, please also email the native Word document. Do not send LaTeX files.

For working group talks/posters, manuscripts must be named aac2012_surname_N_WGM.pdf, where 'surname' is the first author's surname, where N = 1 labels the author's first manuscript and N > 1 labels additional ones as needed, and where M = working group number.

For plenary talks, manuscripts must be named aac2012_surname_plenary.pdf.

For working group summaries, manuscripts must be named aac2012_WGM_summary.pdf, where M = working group number.

Manuscripts not named according to these instructions will be rejected.

The transfer of copyright agreement should be named tca_surname_N.pdf, where N is defined above.

Manuscript format

Manuscripts are 8.5x11 inch single column format. The AIP instructions for this format are at http://proceedings.aip.org/outline/8x11s.

Manuscripts not meeting these format requirements will be rejected.

Manuscript length

Plenary and working group summary manuscripts: 9 pages maximum.

All other manuscripts: 6 pages maximum.

Manuscripts not meeting these length requirements will be rejected.