AAC 2012 Committees

AAC 2012 Organizing Committee (OC)

Ilan Ben-Zvi* BNL Wim Leemans* LBNL
Allen Caldwell MPI Physik, Munich LK Len* DOE
John Cary Tech-X Corp. Howard Milchberg* U. Maryland
Mike Downer, Chair* University of Texas at Austin Zheng-Ming Sheng Jiao Tung University
Wei Gai* ANL Vladimir Shiltsev FNAL
Dan Gordon NRL G. Shvets, Co-Chair* University of Texas at Austin
Manuel Hegelich LANL Dave Sutter* University of Maryland
Mark Hogan SLAC Sami Tantawi SLAC
Chan Joshi* UCLA Vitaly Yakimenko BNL
*AAC Core Committee Members      

AAC 2012 Working Groups and Leaders

WG1 Laser-Plasma Wakefield Acceleration
  Leader Carl Schroeder, LBNL
  Co-leader Mike Helle, NRL
WG2 Computations for Accelerator Physics
  Leader David Bruhwiler, Tech-X Corp.
  Co-leader Zhenghai Li, SLAC
WG3 Laser and High-Gradient Structure-Based Acceleration
  Leader Mike Fazio, SLAC
  Co-leader Scott Anderson, LLNL
WG4 Beam-Driven Acceleration
  Leader Patric Muggli, USC/MPI
  Co-leader Joel England, SLAC
WG5 Beam and Radiation Generation, Monitoring, and Control
  Leader Pietro Musumeci, UCLA
  Co-leader Jeroen van Tilborg, LBNL
WG6 Laser-Plasma Acceleration of Ions
  Leader Sergei Tochitsky, UCLA
  Co-leader Manuel Hegelich, LANL
WG7 Muon Colliders and Advanced Concepts
  Leader Sergey Nagaitsev, FNAL
  Co-leader Scott Berg, BNL
WG8 Laser Technology for Laser-Plasma Accelerators
  Leader Erhard Gaul, UT-Austin and National Energetics, Inc.
  Co-leader Csaba Toth, LBNL

Local Organizing Committee

Mike Downer, Chair Gennady Shvets, Co-Chair
Amadeo Gonzales, Administrator Saralyn Stewart, Special Events Coordinator